I am alive!

Gosh, didn’t realize the gap in posts was over a month. My sincerest apologies.

I got caught up for a few weeks coping with Hurricane Sandy, I live on Long Island, so many towns did receive lots of damage. Luckily for my family we live 20 minutes from the coast and did not get any flooding. Just high damaging winds and many, many trees down. We only lost power for a day but housed our cousins who didn’t have power for two weeks.

The first two weeks was comparable to living in a police state. National Guard helicopters flew over head, military humvees and other vehicles dominated the roads along with utility and tree removal trucks. FEMA set up a PODS center right by my house. We did a lot of walking to places, that’s for sure.

I’ll update in a few days with some more published work as well as my end of year/internship thoughts.

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