Busy weekend

So my summer internship comes to an end this week.  Quite sad as I will miss it greatly.  I’ve learned a lot. I think I’ve learned how to be more confident and be more independent, relying on instincts rather than asking the assigner of my work to tell me exactly what I need. It also gave me a lot of driving experience, which I never really had even though I’ve had my license for three years now. Since I went away to school, I never realy had the opportunity to drive.

Next week I’m on vacation with my mom and sister. We’re going up to my uncle’s place in Oneonta. My journal is coming up with me. I won’t have internet connection so there will not be any posts.

On August 27th, I start my next internship! I am beyond excited for this one. I am also looking for a part-time job and have three places that look hopeful.  I noticed more job openings are starting up because a lot of college students are leaving back for college. But not me!

It’s starting to feel weird that I am not going back up to school. I wonder how I feel when all my friends Facebook statuses are that they are there. At least it isn’t far and I can maybe go up for weekend trips on top of my trips up for my seminar course.

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