Today is the last day in the first week of my new internship. I need to talk to the internship coordinator, but he wasn’t in yesterday and I haven’t seen him yet today.

I so need to talk about another thing. It occurred to me as I was driving to the internship, that the U.S doesn’t really have plazas. Yes we have strip malls and in NYC usually in front of some buildings people sit and stall in front. But I was reminded of my trip to Italy from seeing a picture Venice how we really don’t have those kinds of public squares. It’s a societal element that I think urban and suburban planners should start incorporating.

Oh, and how about the RNC? I refuse to watch it on television to save myself from getting riled up on politics, but I’ve been reading some articles to keep informed. I’ve been reading op-eds on both sides, and general articles that have slim leanings. What I’m learning is how divided this country is now. Eleven years ago we couldn’t be more close in the dust clearings of 9/11, and now the repercussions of the early 2000’s have left us in a politician division comparable to that of a two best friends feuding over a love triangle. And it’s been morphed into some kind of snowball effect. Now it’s not just politicians hating the other party, but actual people unable to have a conversation with someone who supports in another political party.

I’ll be frank, I’m liberal, but have some very conservative family members. I no longer post political things on my FB or comment on their political postings because I know it’ll incite an argument. But this is how I see it; we may have different political ideologies, but on the very basic level all we want is for ourselves and our families to be happy. Why can’t everyone agree to disagree and live a bit more civilized?


In the beginning…

Started my first day of my new internship on Monday. It’s been going well. The paper I’m an intern is not in publication this week, and everyone is pretty much on vacation, as well as they are moving around things in the office, so they haven’t had work for me to do. But I have been helping out with the women’s magazine that has branched off from the paper. I’m really enjoying this work, and the ladies I’m working with are super nice and easy to talk to.

It’s tough being far from my college, especially with my graduation application due in a few days and I need to get it signed by my adviser, but, I can’t make the trip up to school until next week, and the deadline is Sept. 1. On my break today I’m going to call the registration office to beg for a 5 day extension. I need to graduate. Please, please, please, this needs to work!

More about my internship later!

Recently I got a part-time job. I’ll be working it the three days I’m not at my internship. I hope this doesn’t drive me crazy.

If anything I’ll have more to write about and I can get  non-fiction work re-started.

And I just watched the 25th Anniversary show at the O2 Arena of Les Miserables. Now I can’t stop playing the soundtrack. So good!

My birthday is in15 days This is very exciting.

Back from vacation

Came back from vacation today and saw that one of my articles was put up.  You can view it here.

Let me know what you think! This was a lot of fun to cover.


Off to vacation tomorrow. Will be back on Wednesday!

Going to enjoy the wild and wonderful outdoors.

Zombie…zombie… zombie…

Zombie – The Cranberries


We’ll start off today with a mid-90’s song called Zombie by The Cranberries.

This is undoubtedly because of how late I stayed up last night to interview and watch the performance of a local musician. I drank coffee late last night to stay alert for his performance and I’m paying for it right now, had to drag my feet out of bed at 7:30, and I left for work early so I can get started on finishing one article and starting the next one.

My money situation is scaring me. I haven’t had a paying job since last summer. Jobs up at my school are scarce and 9 times out of 10 you need a car for it, which I did not have while I was away. It’s been so hard to find a part-time job while home. Especially because my hours aren’t very flexible.

I hit a low point last night when I could only put $10 in my empty gas tank. I have no idea when I’m going to be able to put gas in it next, but I hope it lasts me until my last day at my internship tomorrow.

While I think it’s nice of my friends saying they’ll pay for me because they want me to hang out, I just can’t accept it. I’ve got too much pride and I think being flat broke is helping me realize a financial plan for when I do start making money. Almost all of it is going to be put into a savings account that I do not touch. I’ll have to sacrifice a lot, but it’s worth it.

Busy weekend

So my summer internship comes to an end this week.  Quite sad as I will miss it greatly.  I’ve learned a lot. I think I’ve learned how to be more confident and be more independent, relying on instincts rather than asking the assigner of my work to tell me exactly what I need. It also gave me a lot of driving experience, which I never really had even though I’ve had my license for three years now. Since I went away to school, I never realy had the opportunity to drive.

Next week I’m on vacation with my mom and sister. We’re going up to my uncle’s place in Oneonta. My journal is coming up with me. I won’t have internet connection so there will not be any posts.

On August 27th, I start my next internship! I am beyond excited for this one. I am also looking for a part-time job and have three places that look hopeful.  I noticed more job openings are starting up because a lot of college students are leaving back for college. But not me!

It’s starting to feel weird that I am not going back up to school. I wonder how I feel when all my friends Facebook statuses are that they are there. At least it isn’t far and I can maybe go up for weekend trips on top of my trips up for my seminar course.