It’s been a busy past couple of months. Between work and my brother’s wedding I haven’t had much time to sit and relax. But here, I’ve forced myself. First up, the picture that accompanies this post, that’s me at my brothers wedding. Well, in the bathroom taking a selfie. I really loved my look and […]

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My Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Review

This was written as a word vomit so please excuse the lack of structure. Watch the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron here.   My thoughts as I can process them right now on the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer: – Opening crowd scene (where Ultron says ‘screaming’) looks like it’s taking place in France […]

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Arm Part Deux for Comic Con!

Here are some progress shots! I am now near completion!! I spray painted my arm with Chrome Aluminum spray paint. It came out better than I expected. Once all was good and dry I cut out a a star template, taped said template to arm and used painters tape to mark the shape out. Then […]

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Comic Con Coming Up!

I am going to New York Comic Con! I haven’t been since 2011 so I am SUPER EXCITED! My favorite superhero movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, partly because I love Ed Brubaker’s comic that started it and also Sebastian Stan’s portrayal of the Winter Soldier. So, I have been working on my costume, […]

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We are now entering arguably the best season of the year – autumn. And to celebrate the season of never-ending pumpkin spice and TV show premieres, how about a little a poem to warm up to the cozy chilly winds coming our way? Here is an excerpt from a poem called September Midnight by Sara […]

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