Work Zombie.

I’m starting to think that my Halloween costume this year will be a work zombie, because I have no spare time outside of work to do anything of my own. This is of my own accord, I chose to work this much, but stress is high and made worse by the loved ones around me who do not understand why my schedule is the way it is.

I’m having a great time at my internship and am learning so much. Sure I am tired, and constantly worried about how I am going to fill my gas tank up with a measly part-time job paycheck, but I just remember, this too shall pass.

I am on my way!

Oh and another thing, I set up a professional public Facebook page. “Like” it on Facebook to get quick updates,especially because I only update this blog every few days.

Thanks again 😀

Zombie…zombie… zombie…

Zombie – The Cranberries


We’ll start off today with a mid-90’s song called Zombie by The Cranberries.

This is undoubtedly because of how late I stayed up last night to interview and watch the performance of a local musician. I drank coffee late last night to stay alert for his performance and I’m paying for it right now, had to drag my feet out of bed at 7:30, and I left for work early so I can get started on finishing one article and starting the next one.

My money situation is scaring me. I haven’t had a paying job since last summer. Jobs up at my school are scarce and 9 times out of 10 you need a car for it, which I did not have while I was away. It’s been so hard to find a part-time job while home. Especially because my hours aren’t very flexible.

I hit a low point last night when I could only put $10 in my empty gas tank. I have no idea when I’m going to be able to put gas in it next, but I hope it lasts me until my last day at my internship tomorrow.

While I think it’s nice of my friends saying they’ll pay for me because they want me to hang out, I just can’t accept it. I’ve got too much pride and I think being flat broke is helping me realize a financial plan for when I do start making money. Almost all of it is going to be put into a savings account that I do not touch. I’ll have to sacrifice a lot, but it’s worth it.