Oh brother!

I’ve been so busy, and I’m starting to feel the cons of it, such as feeling run down and stretched out.

I applied for a new part-time job at a grocery store because the hours are better for me. I would be able to work after my internship for a few hours, giving me a day or two off for the weekend to relax, recuperate, and enjoy a small social life.

Plus, I am just flying through gas money and it is so concerning to me because I obviously can’t work without it. I’ve been really spacey and out of it today as well, and I think I just need a day in my pajamas, a cup of hot cocoa, and a few books and movies.

Also, my internship informed me that online articles eventually get taken down, so I need to find a way to get them onto PDF files and stick them here. Will update my featured publications page with them when I get around to that.