National Poetry Day

Sometime ago I made a post about my favorite poems which is located here.

Also a lithe while ago I picked up Bo Burnham’s poetry book called ‘Egghead.’ If the name Bo Burnham sounds familiar it is because he is also a comedian. A lot of his poems are a bit raunchy but also have a Seussical rhythm to it.

One of the poems is called Perfect, and it is really, really sweet.


Perfect by Bo Burnham

If you click the picture it will also take you to his Tumblr page which features more of his work.

Do you also know what is poetry? Music.

My favorite artist, Gerard Way, formerly the frontman of disintegrated band My Chemical Romance, just came out with his first solo album ‘Hesitant Alien.’ He’s going on tour and I will be seeing him on Oct. 20.

The whole album is on Spotify and I think he has them all up on Soundcloud too. Notables: Brother, How It’s Going to Be, and No Shows.