Today is the last day in the first week of my new internship. I need to talk to the internship coordinator, but he wasn’t in yesterday and I haven’t seen him yet today.

I so need to talk about another thing. It occurred to me as I was driving to the internship, that the U.S doesn’t really have plazas. Yes we have strip malls and in NYC usually in front of some buildings people sit and stall in front. But I was reminded of my trip to Italy from seeing a picture Venice how we really don’t have those kinds of public squares. It’s a societal element that I think urban and suburban planners should start incorporating.

Oh, and how about the RNC? I refuse to watch it on television to save myself from getting riled up on politics, but I’ve been reading some articles to keep informed. I’ve been reading op-eds on both sides, and general articles that have slim leanings. What I’m learning is how divided this country is now. Eleven years ago we couldn’t be more close in the dust clearings of 9/11, and now the repercussions of the early 2000’s have left us in a politician division comparable to that of a two best friends feuding over a love triangle. And it’s been morphed into some kind of snowball effect. Now it’s not just politicians hating the other party, but actual people unable to have a conversation with someone who supports in another political party.

I’ll be frank, I’m liberal, but have some very conservative family members. I no longer post political things on my FB or comment on their political postings because I know it’ll incite an argument. But this is how I see it; we may have different political ideologies, but on the very basic level all we want is for ourselves and our families to be happy. Why can’t everyone agree to disagree and live a bit more civilized?