Writing the rights of rites?

Haha, okay the title is a joke.  But it’s only a joke for me and my sillyness.

Anyway, yesterday was my meeting in the city.  My website idea is good but I need to start getting serious about it if it’ll ever work.  I’m going to ask some of my most trusted and creative friends/family to sort of work with me.  Some friends I can springboard ideas off of at a rapid-fire.

I also really want to get my other blog idea started, a literary journalism online magazine.  There are so many of them out there but I think if it features fresh quality work, it can happen, plus, I’ll send the link to colleagues/peers of mine.  And my LinkedIn.

So, anyway back to yesterday in the city.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but, I am so directionally challenged.

I need to use a map to get anywhere in the city (and I never drive without my GPS).

I have no idea as to why I do not possess the talent of knowing where the hell to go, but I sure wish I had it.

Yesterday wasn’t so bad though, I walked in the wrong direction a few times and looked at a map the wrong way which led me in the opposite direction of Penn, but that’s okay, I eventually got there and didn’t miss my train.

Speaking of the LIRR, the air condition wasn’t working in the car and it was so hot.  The LIRR worker kept trying to get it to start and he totally didn’t clip my ticket. So yay, I get a free ride!  This is especially good because I accidentally purchased the wrong station and also under off-peak hours.  But I was traveling on peak. Thank you Mr. LIRR guy. Even though it was hotter than how the Internet feels about Kate Upton, a free ride is always nice too.  Especially since the LIRR is super expensive.

Okay, no one likes long posts, but I wanted to prattle on.