Good Times

We’re approaching the tail end of January.  And when things come to an end we become very reflective. Sometimes, without realizing it.

I have to start out with saying how proud I am of myself. A vain statement, but for the struggle I’ve endured the past year, these last two months have really brightened my life. I am happy and on my way to the success I have always strived for. I’ve been working hard but I enjoy it. I celebrated my recent accomplishments by buying my dream laptop. My old laptop died right after Hurricane Sandy (or Tropical Storm). I used my sisters laptop up until now. It feels great to have my own personal machine to get things done.

I’m finally reaching a point in my life where everything is coming together. I can plan for big things now and that is already a nice sentiment to look forward to.

Here is hoping everyone  finds the success they have worked hard for and searched for. It can be a long or short road, bumpy or smooth. The important part is to just keep going.


My brother, the computer genius, is in town and did some tinkering on the back-end of my WordPress. Finally it is easier to use and allows me to manuever more on the site.  While my knowledge of WordPress is functional, I definitely needed a re-instruction on a few parts.

I’ve definitely been checking out different outlets to write for. There’s a story in my head that I’ve been trying to get down for weeks but every time I sit down with a pad of paper the thoughts evade me. I may have to turn to my app Dragon Dictation to get it down for me. Sometimes just speaking out loud unfilitered and unhinged is the best way to extract ideas. Dragon Dictation is a pretty good app for that. It converts speech into text, although not perfectly accurate, and you do have to speak slower (I’m a NYer it’s hard to slow down and keep my thoughts afloat), it saves time and protects artistic liberty.

I’m also working on branding myself, creating a logo and template that really describes the essence of who I am and the talent I have to offer. I have a few designs in mind but nothing has come to fruition, I’ll keep you all informed with how it comes along.


*face palm*

So much work to do today and yet I’m held up by people not answering their phones and not getting back to me. I’m sorry if i have to call you back a million times but you’re making it very difficult to do my job. And I like to do my job very well.


P.S got my first post-graduation job interview on Friday, super excited.


P.P.S I’m attending the Cable Maverick’s Masters Forum this year. I attended it last year and had a great time. Met a lot of cool people, but now it’s time to put my hardcore networking skills to test!

I also upgraded from my old Blackberry to the iPhone 5 and my job has become so much easier since!

Zombie…zombie… zombie…

Zombie – The Cranberries


We’ll start off today with a mid-90’s song called Zombie by The Cranberries.

This is undoubtedly because of how late I stayed up last night to interview and watch the performance of a local musician. I drank coffee late last night to stay alert for his performance and I’m paying for it right now, had to drag my feet out of bed at 7:30, and I left for work early so I can get started on finishing one article and starting the next one.

My money situation is scaring me. I haven’t had a paying job since last summer. Jobs up at my school are scarce and 9 times out of 10 you need a car for it, which I did not have while I was away. It’s been so hard to find a part-time job while home. Especially because my hours aren’t very flexible.

I hit a low point last night when I could only put $10 in my empty gas tank. I have no idea when I’m going to be able to put gas in it next, but I hope it lasts me until my last day at my internship tomorrow.

While I think it’s nice of my friends saying they’ll pay for me because they want me to hang out, I just can’t accept it. I’ve got too much pride and I think being flat broke is helping me realize a financial plan for when I do start making money. Almost all of it is going to be put into a savings account that I do not touch. I’ll have to sacrifice a lot, but it’s worth it.

There’s discrimination for everything

So I have very curly hair and I recently cut it several inches.  In June, my hair reached the curve of my back, and now my hair just falls over my shoulders. It’s always a huge change when I chop off so many inches.

So why am I talking about my hair on a blog about journalism?

Apparently, having curly hair is unprofessional in the workplace.

Yes, on occasion I do straighten my hair, but that takes nearly an hour and standing with a hot iron for an hour is not something I want to do in the summer, and all the time.

I came across this post.

But, darn it. I love my curly hair. I feel confident and powerful with it. People love to talk about it and play with it. It’s exciting.

But it is not unprofessional. I’m appalled that an employer would tell someone they can’t do their job because of what their hair looks like.

My hair does not affect my writing, it does not affect my intelligence, and it sure as hell shouldn’t have any affect over what jobs I can get. That should all be based on my skill and intelligence.