Arm Part Deux for Comic Con!

Here are some progress shots! I am now near completion!!


I spray painted my arm with Chrome Aluminum spray paint. It came out better than I expected.


Once all was good and dry I cut out a a star template, taped said template to arm and used painters tape to mark the shape out.


Then I did what normally takes place after preparing to paint, I painted. I used Behr’s Flirt Alert color because it’s a bold red against the shiny metallic Chrome Aluminum spray print I used on the arm.





This is just after painting. It dried pretty well, I don’t think I need a second coat, however, despite my best efforts to keep the lines straight, the painters tape didn’t stick well to the arm and there was some smudging on the edges. I may draw a thin black line around the star to keep it looking polished, but I’ll need another eye on that.

It is looking really great now that it’s painted and almost complete. Comic Con here I come!!!