As you see below I have posted a picture of my bio. This bio is taken from the Geek Chic Elite, where I have been contributing articles to for a few weeks now. Since NaNo has been over my mind has been teeming with article and story ideas. I look forward to writing and have been getting really grumpy when I am pulled away from it.

This isn’t the only thing I have been working on. I attended NY Winter Con a week ago and made a really awesome contact there. You will be seeing updates from me soon on that front but for now I will keep it as a secret!

Hope you are all doing well during this crazy holiday season!

My GCE Bio
My GCE Bio

NaNo is over!

NaNoWriMo concluded a few days ago and I have been sullying around my house with the equivalency to a hangover. A writing hangover.

Those kinds of hangovers are not easily cured, and time doesn’t necessarily erase the mushy feeling. When you do something like NaNo or take on any big writing project, there is an emotional bond that forms between you and your writing. You drag your soul out onto paper. And in the end you are left emotional drained, physically fatigued, and mentally a bit jumbled up.

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. I’ve decorated the house for Christmas, baked cookies, and have only begun compiling my thoughts on the direction of my story. You see, 50,000 words is a lot, but typically it is considered a novella, not full on novel length.

It is almost time to crack open the Word document and dive back into my art. But for today at least, I will enjoy the tranquil solace of living outside of the bubble.