Le Sigh

So, I’ve been quiet on here as I’m trying to address an issue I’ve been having with the site. I mentioned before about my issue. I asked my brother for his advice since he helps keep my website tuned up and apparently when we installed a security update it voided all my photos. ALL. I can see my photos on the back end, but they no longer appear on what you see.

I am still trying to configure the settings to allow them to be viewed but alas, it is difficult.

So in the next coming weeks please be advised that my blog will look rather bare. I really hope I can get the photos on my older posts working.

If you have any tips or troubleshooting, please let me know.

New content!

Take a gander at my new sidebar for my current writing projects. I should be adding more links to it in the coming weeks.

Featured Publications 2014

I just added my review for Disney/Marvel’s Big Hero 6!

And a brief update on my NaNo: I’m 7k in so far. I’m slightly under pace right now but I’ve been working through some tough plot points and now have a clearer direction on where my story is headed.

Happy NaNo!

It is November 1st which means it is NaNoWriMo season. I wrote a little over 300 words in the first hour and then went to bed. I just fired up my Word document to get started again. My personal goal is to reach 3,000 words today.

I’m also pantsing it. Pantsing is a term NaNoers use to describe when you didn’t pre-plan your novel. Last year I did extensive planning, and I won. This year I haven’t and I still hope to win. It looks like I will be going through a lot of coffee this month. If anyone has stocks in coffee you should look into a big payout at the end of the month.


So to my fellow NaNoers- Good luck!

And to all my readers – please wish me luck!