I’m really glad I made it into work today, it was such a struggle. We were once again pelted with another snowstorm. These legendary Nor-Easters bring the region to a halt. Yesterday we were sent home early from work because the conditions were so bad.

I planned to drive in to work today because I figure the roads would be plowed, but my family talked me out of it. I also live 30 miles from my job. I shoveled my driveway and was warming up my car when my mom intervened. Instead my dad dropped me off at the train station, but I was a minute late for the train, and we pulled up as it chugged out of station. Bummer. The next train wasn’t until an hour later, but I had no choice, and stuck it out in the freezing temperature. Since the trains were running on their weekend schedules I had to transfer and wait twenty minutes for my transfer train. When I finally got to my station I hopped in a cab and made it to work. Only about five other people in my department made it in today.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, unfortunately. I wore two pairs of socks and plastic bags in my snow boots, fleece leggings underneath my work pants, thermals, a t-shirt, and a a faux-fur lined sweater and I was still cold underneath my winter coat, scarf, gloves, etc. Water must have seeped into my boots when I had shoveled snow because my feet were wet the whole time I was waiting for the train. I cannot wait to take a hot shower/bath when I get home tonight. My commute home will be a pain in the neck too, no doubt.

But I like my job, and it’s important. I just wished the transportation worked out better…

Definitely cannot wait any longer for spring.

Good Times

We’re approaching the tail end of January. ¬†And when things come to an end we become very reflective. Sometimes, without realizing it.

I have to start out with saying how proud I am of myself. A vain statement, but for the struggle I’ve endured the past year, these last two months have really brightened my life. I am happy and on my way to the success I have always strived for. I’ve been working hard but I enjoy it. I celebrated my recent accomplishments by buying my dream laptop. My old laptop died right after Hurricane Sandy (or Tropical Storm). I used my sisters laptop up until now. It feels great to have my own personal machine to get things done.

I’m finally reaching a point in my life where everything is coming together. I can plan for big things now and that is already a nice sentiment to look forward to.

Here is hoping everyone  finds the success they have worked hard for and searched for. It can be a long or short road, bumpy or smooth. The important part is to just keep going.