Oh brother!

I’ve been so busy, and I’m starting to feel the cons of it, such as feeling run down and stretched out.

I applied for a new part-time job at a grocery store because the hours are better for me. I would be able to work after my internship for a few hours, giving me a day or two off for the weekend to relax, recuperate, and enjoy a small social life.

Plus, I am just flying through gas money and it is so concerning to me because I obviously can’t work without it. I’ve been really spacey and out of it today as well, and I think I just need a day in my pajamas, a cup of hot cocoa, and a few books and movies.

Also, my internship informed me that online articles eventually get taken down, so I need to find a way to get them onto PDF files and stick them here. Will update my featured publications page with them when I get around to that.

Paper comes out tomorrow!

I’ll have another article in the printed edition of the Long Island Press, but here’s one that I covered today.

The new Barclays Center in Brooklyn is sure to attract a lot of Long Islanders to its concerts and events. The Long Island Railroad is adding more trains to the Atlantic Avenue terminal.


Check out my coverage here!



Today I was assigned to cover the court sentencing in the next county over. I was excited to go because a) It’s over an hour drive and I’ve never driven that far. B) This was a pretty big/interesting case.

Now, I can’t really say I’ve covered a court case. I’ve tried. I tried my last semester in New Paltz with the case of the student hostage situation. The defendant didn’t show up to court.

So that flopped.

Well, something similar happened today. The case was adjourned. But, I did learn a lot and am interested more in court proceedings. It’s very spectacle-like. I put out a message to see if I can find books about court reporting. I want to learn. (And never stop!)

Why I love journalism.

It’s pretty much summed up in this one article called Obama’s Way by Michael Lewis for Vanity Fair.

Read it.

Read it if you’re Republican. Read it if you’re Independent. Read it if you’re Democrat. Read it if you don’t care.

It’s a long read, but it is dazzling and thought-provoking. The neurons in my brain are firing and I’m lit with ideas and clarity. Amazing.

Major Article!

For my Spring 2012 Ottoway Seminar class at New Paltz, with New York Times investigative reporter Andrew Lehren, a group of classmates and I worked on and article about retiring NYS Representative Maurice Hinchey and his earmarks.

You can read the article here.

I’m very proud to have worked on this and to have learned so many research techniques, especially using databases and fiiling for information and FOIA’s…

So much learning = so much loving!



I just covered my first press conference ever.

This is so big for me.

It was exhilarating.

It was a county press conference unveiling the new taxi on patrol extension to the neighborhood watch program. Even the major news networks were there. I was so nervous but I didn’t want to come off as someone who was new at it so I just went with the flow, and I don’t think I did a bang-up job.

So proud of myself! Almost like the universe was giving me a belated birthday present. How sweet!



I just got back from my school late last night. I left Tuesday afternoon to go up, went out a bit with friends to celebrate my birthday, ran some errands on Wednesday morning, got lunch with my cousin, went to my internship seminar class, hung out with some friends, and then left for the two-hour trip back home.

I cried 5 times yesterday because of how much I miss my professors and classes, as well as my friends.  Luckily, my choice to complete school early and graduate in December, and stay home to do my internship feels right. I feel more concentrated at home.

Still, the first time I walked into the building of where I had most of my classes, I began to cry. I’ve spent so many hours there, learning, creating, and envisioning what my life can be like in the future. I had to spend a couple of minutes in the bathroom to compose myself. I then went and saw my adviser. She is a great lady and told me how proud she was to see me succeed. She convinced me that i should walk at the graduation ceremony in the spring. I began to cry again.

On top of seeing her, I also saw one of the professors I’ve worked a lot with. The adviser for the club I was president of last year. I could only chat with him for a few minutes, but it was nice to see him. I mentioned to him how I kept tearing up and said that I had loved all my classes here. He made a comment that I said that in the past tense. It was an emotional day.

Seeing all my friends was hard too. They’re the people I saw everyday for the 3 years I was up at school. They even said it feels different without me there. At least my school isn’t so far away that I cannot visit from time to time. And I have to go up once a month for a class, anyway, so that excuse is a nice one.

It’s my birthday!

I’m finally 21! This is good news because now I can attend certain social gatherings and network.  I remember at my internship last year my co-workers kept forgetting that I wasn’t of age and would always invite me out for drinks after work. Now I can go. So excited for these new opportunities.