Who knew?

Who knew I’d be so busy at home?

I’ve barely been on my computer which is such a drastic change for me.  I’m still trying to get settled in to living at home again.


Fear not.  In my absence I have been getting a taste for the world.  And whenever that happens the ideas start popping out of the old noggin.  I’m already waist deep in story ideas.

On a side note, I’m going skydiving on June 30th.  One of the biggest pieces of advice I got from my professors were to go out and have experiences, because that is the only way you can write.  I can’t wait for this.

Just two years ago I would cry if I had to climb up a ladder because of the height.  Last summer, nipped my fear of heights in the butt by ziplining. And in January I went indoor skydiving.  But next month it’s the REAL deal.  And I cannot wait to talk about it and its impact on my life.

Frustrated Journalist Cat

Brilliant, just brilliant!

Welcome to the world of memes Frustrated Journalist Cat!  Found you on tumblr.  Everyone should check it out, it’s great!

Click here!

Started a new blog!

I always get really excited when I find little post-it notes or lists that have been lost.  I think it’s an interesting sneak peak into a strangers life.  I also like to leave little inspirational post-its in random places, like bathrooms and in between library books.

The site can be found here:


I’m also working on creating a literary blog, where writers can submit literary work, preferably with a journalistic twist.  This is inspired by my Literature of Journalism professor.

Out of the Darkness!

The fantastic group of individuals I had the opportunity to work with today (including myself). There's only 5 of us in the club but we were so grateful for other people to put on a volunteer shirt and help out!

Today was the Bring Suicide Out of the Darkness Campus Walk!  This is a picture of all the volunteers. Five of us are in the club.  I’m crouching on the bottom right 🙂


A picture of the wonderful group of walkers. We raised $2500 today alone!Group shot!  All the walkers and volunteers who helped raise $2500 today alone!  So humbled by everyone!

Walkers embraced each other as a speaker opened up about her brother's suicide.



Our campus' walk coordinator, Charlene Martoni!