Lions, and Bears, and …Internships? Oh my!

So I am at the threshold!  I am more than halfway through my last semester at SUNY New Paltz taking classes.  My next semester, Fall 2012, will be comping my internship for credit.  I need 15 credits to graduate!  And that’s where the internship comes in.

So the past week I’ve been applying to places, and the outlook is great so far!  I feel like all my hard work is paying off.  The amount of stress I’ve been through will be well worth it in the end.

So excited to be moving forward in the next chapter of my life.

Three New Publications Up!

I have three new publications posted on my 2012 page!  Check them out!  It’s been a hectic semester but I’m proud of all the working I’ve done (and am doing!)  The work never seems to stop but I’m always looking forward what’s next and what’s new.

There is nothing more exciting than a new day for me, new stories to cover, new people to meet, and new opportunities to prove myself as a dedicated and passionate writer.


Check them out!!

I miss taking pictures

I’m going to have to freshen up my camera skills.  I miss going out and taking photos.  Now that the weather is warming up it’s about time to get back outside.

I will definitely post them to my flickr, and if possible link my flickr to here.  I should look into that.