Summer Satisfaction

The past week has been a whirlwind for me.  We were invited to a friends of a friends summer lake house for the weekend. I had two jam-packed days of sun, jet-skiing, boating, tubing, water slides, trampolines, and lots of BBQ. On the second day we spent a good chunk of time just sitting on […]

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No Summer Break

I thought I would take a few minutes from my busy Monday to relay on some happenings. All day today I’ve been editing articles, researching for my own and working on setting up interviews with some cool industry creators. There are so many things I want to do- for both my comic book sites and […]

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Wrap up of Week 2
Some hooligans lighting firecrackers next to the church

My, my, another week bites the dust. Time is such a silly thing, the days feel slow for me here, which is something I thought I’d never experience again. The day was spent helping with the chores as usual.  I also binge-watched a television series on my laptop. Sometimes you still need to stay connected […]

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Sunday Snoozeday
Woo second place!

I love how in most countries Sunday is the day for ultimate relaxation. Sundays always have a quietness about them, the timid day of the week. And in Italy, a quiet Sunday after a late night Saturday was well received. Few people who travel get to actually experience it like the locales. Travel guides will […]

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End of Summer Stretch

Hello all, A brief reminder that my writing samples (I hate the term ‘samples’, they’re full published works!) are under the Featured Publications page. Pretty soon I’ll have a page up for self-published work. So we find ourselves at the end of another summer. It’s a humid day here in New York, but rather than […]

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Simple Summer Article

My most recently published article about a local town’s swim team. I like community/local news, it takes my mind off some of the ugly problems in the world. Read it here!

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Who knew?

Who knew I’d be so busy at home? I’ve barely been on my computer which is such a drastic change for me.  I’m still trying to get settled in to living at home again.   Fear not.  In my absence I have been getting a taste for the world.  And whenever that happens the ideas […]

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