Arm Part Deux for Comic Con!

Here are some progress shots! I am now near completion!! I spray painted my arm with Chrome Aluminum spray paint. It came out better than I expected. Once all was good and dry I cut out a a star template, taped said template to arm and used painters tape to mark the shape out. Then […]

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Comic Con Coming Up!

I am going to New York Comic Con! I haven’t been since 2011 so I am SUPER EXCITED! My favorite superhero movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, partly because I love Ed Brubaker’s comic that started it and also Sebastian Stan’s portrayal of the Winter Soldier. So, I have been working on my costume, […]

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Lovin’ Love

My brother proposed to his girlfriend last night, and guess what… THEY ARE ENGAGED!!   I could not be more happier for the two! His fiancĂ© is so wonderful and they take great care of each other. Just wanted to write a quick note about it because I am so excited. Congratulations you two!! Love […]

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We are now entering arguably the best season of the year – autumn. And to celebrate the season of never-ending pumpkin spice and TV show premieres, how about a little a poem to warm up to the cozy chilly winds coming our way? Here is an excerpt from a poem called September Midnight by Sara […]

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